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    Ok, I'm currently using the Tmobile Sidekick II, and have been using the Sidekicks since they came out. I don't use Tmobile for voice, only data. I have a cell with Cingular. I'm completely satisfied with the Sk2, but I'm sick of carrying 2 devices. So I bought a Treo 600 to use on cingular to try out to see if it can replace my sk2. One thing I NEED is a good AIM. So my question is where can I get the best version of AIM for the Treo 600? I'm new to the Palm OS, so any details on how to get the best AIM would be appreciated. Also a good mp3 software would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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    This thread provides answers for your AIM question:
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    And this link provides the answer to your MP3 question:
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    so let me recap...Verichat is the best for AIM? and where is this available? cost?
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    I hate to be sarcastic but it's called Google. One of many:
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    no offense taken. I Mod a site, and now I see how it feels to be a NeWb. I would google, but I'm not my pc right now, I'm using the sk2...not always very web browser frindly...thanks.
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    Some of us prefer Causerie
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    Causerie for me. Verichat never wants to connect with yahoo for me and Causerie always does.

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    is there a free version of verichat? or a free AIM that is comparable to verichat?
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