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    Hey guys, I'm doing a bit of shopping on Ebay for a G2, and have noticed a few different sellers (who's feedback scores make them seem reputable) claiming that there's actually a model of the G2 called the G2R. According to one person's listing, the G2R is inferior for the following reasons:

    1) G2 supports BOTH Headset and Handsfree Profile while G2R supports only Headset Profile. ( i.e. G2R is NOT compatible with a lot of Nokia phones because : Most Nokia brand Bluetooth Phones use Handsfree Profile)

    2) G2 Has Much Better Sound Quality and Longer Battery Life than G2R

    Some Background Information

    Only a few thousand units of G2R headsets were made simply because the manufacturer bought a wrong batch of the IC chips. G2R is NOT considered a regular product ( It is not even mentioned anywhere on the manufacturer's website: ) and is wholesaled for a lot less than regular G2 units for good reasons ( stated above )

    Has anyone else heard this, or is this just some slimy Ebay marketing tactic?
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    This is absolutelt TRUE !! I actually have a Nokia 6620 and found your post by google searching for G2R, because even though it is not what I ordered, it's what I received. The head set itself says G2 on it, but the packaging it came in and the instruction book that came with it say G2R..... I had no idea what this was until I read your post. I just assumed it was a version number based on when they were released. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get it to work with my phone even though it said it was compatible in the ad from where I bought it from and on the Bluetrek website. When I tried to connect with my phone, my phone said that the G2R did not have the Handsfree profile. Thanks for your post..... I just contacted the seller in an attempt to get a refund..... BE WARNED !!! Here is where I bought mine from.
    There was no way to know until I got it and it didn't work. I have been going crazy for 3 days trying to figure out why I couldn't get this headset to work with my phone when I head read a ton of peoples posts with my same phone who were using it and recommending it. As of today 3/11/05 there is nothing in that ad that would indicate it was a G2R !!!

    Hope this helps some people avoid my same mistake !!! Ask before you buy !!!

    Also, I e-mailed Bluetrek's customer support 3 days ago when I couldn't get it to work, and they have never responded !!
    THANKS !!
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    Cool, I actually did order one from a guy on Ebay and fortunately mine is the G2 not the G2R. Sorry to hear about yours.

    What's the actual difference between the "headset profile" and the "handsfree profile"?

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