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    Hey Folks,

    My provider is using iMail server. The provider didn't know what the idle command was, but says he's on the most recenter version and it supports IMAP so it must support the idle command. When I use chatter, it tells me it doesn't support the idle command... I sent an email to imail support folks to find out if needs to be turn on or something. Does anyone have any information...

    One more questions sort of related, but my other server (work) uses Exchange, I asked about imap with my techie folks and they say it's either not supported or turned on. They do support POP but it doesn't look like chatter does. I would like to be able to download these too and not have to use two different email apps. Any insight?
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    If your Exchange server supports POP, it can support IMAP -it's a setting on the server. Same with IDLE support; it's usually a configuration option - ask the iMail folks to look for it...

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    Thanks I will look into that... is there any HUGE advantage in using IMAP vs POP except for the push advantage? Chatter doesn't support POP right? I only ask because it would be nice to have my work personal email in the same application and I dont think they are going to give me what I need for IMAP and I have the pop settings.

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    There are LOTS of huge advantages of IMAP vs. POP that have nothing whatever to do with push. Most important is that your email sits in one place and is always "current" on any client that accesses it. For people who view their mail via smartphones, POP3 is a horrible option.


    p.s. I've NEVER before heard of an exchange server that supported POP3 but not IMAP. It must be trivial to turn it on.
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    Trivial it may be, for whatever reason they aren't doing it... I agree with you. However I am using POP3 for my personal account (Versamail) and its leaving a copy on the server for me until my laptop downloads them atleast.
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    I've been running iMail server v8 and it does not support the IDLE command.
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    grrrrr... that stinks... I can't get the work to setup IMAP.... my iMail server doesn't support idle... sounds like I'm screwed... sure I could forward my email but that seems to be a hassle... because then i have to setup outlook for another account as well
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    I feel your pain! I spent a double assload of money on iMail for various reasons, then I have to spend more... I ended up using Fusemail... works like a charm.
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    Just starting to look at fuse mail... it say "consolidate your email" does that mean it gets moved to its server, or does it have a way to look at the other servers (I have one that is pop (imail as discussed above) the other is exchange that has pop enabled) and leave the mail there??? I just don't want a hassle of having to sync a bunch of accounts or losing my outlook functionality that I must have. I have a third account that I would like to be able to get on my treo but I don't want it pulled into my laptop. Its frustrating two accounts should goto my laptop and the treo, the last one I want to be able to get on the treo but don't want it to sync to my laptop but I do want it to synce to another PC. Grrrr... Acutally if I could get the first two accounts working with Chatter (push style) I would be happy...

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