I just updated HotPaw Basic for the Treo 650 (finally got one to test; the simulator was just tooooooo slow). The text fields now stay in focus for old-fashioned console line input, and the 5-way nav buttons now do something more reasonable. The v1.4.5 beta is on my website:


This isn't a great programming tool for developing full GUI apps to distribute. It's just an old-fashioned Basic interpreter that runs on the handheld itself. It's more for developing your own programmable calculator type solutions in the field, but in the Basic programming lauguage instead of RPN codes or somesuch.

I also updated the yLexiSpell v0.2 so it won't crash on the Treo. The Treo 650 doesn't like null string pointers fed to Alerts, even though this worked just fine on earlier versions of the PalmOS emulator with full-debug ROMs.

The native ARM accelerated cBasPad5 Basic interpreter has not been updated for the Treo (yet). I'm still working on optimizing it for more speed. It now runs some routines in Basic on a Treo 650 almost as fast as the first Palm Pilot 1000 could run compiled C programs.

Bug reports welcome.