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    What's the preferred method of launching a pop-up or DA type application on a Treo 6x0?

    On older models it was usually either with some special tap on the graffiti area, or using the toolbar. But those are both gone on the new Treo's (actually the toolbar is still available, but very hard for a user to get to...) And the buttons already seem overloaded with a ton of apps that look for various press combinations and timings. (I'm almost waiting for a launcher which can decode Morse code on the rocker to allow the user to choose which app to launch :-)

    A replacement for the ReadThis short-text-selection obfuscator, or a selected-text equation evaluator/solver or spell checker, would require some reasonable activation method that would work on top of most other apps.

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    McPhling, the one app that plays nice with all the other guys in my e-hood. There's a fully featured nag-free trial available -- you're on your honor to pay the reg fee. It has an activation option for 2 features-- switch back to previous app, and pop-up launcher. Max of 14 apps. I've got calendar/hold for the pop-up, and sms-hold for the switch back. (Search at PalmGear)

    McPhling's popup config includes several DAs >> daMemoPad, ToDoDA and TekeiDA (frequently used phrases/templates), and sometimes RakuDA. (Raku will popup a screen allowing you to create a ToDo or DateBk event or memo note-- but since the other DAs better handle memo and ToDo insertion, in terms of the way they operate, I just use Raku for the popup DateBook action.)

    You can try app combo's yourself, but I've learned, the hard way (references are to Agendus Pro 9.02, withOUT its companion mail app)---

    - Agendus is greedy. If you assign it to a button, it won't let McPhling do diddy, and may reset the device.

    - 2day can live comfortably on the calendar button, even with the McPhling "hold" action. Agendus gets finicky if you then try to set it up in the 2day launcher area, or as the 2nd-press action within 2day. But you can set up Agendus as the helper app for both calendar and todo within 2day without hassle. Agendus is also fine if included in the McPhling popup.

    - The system became unstable when I tried replacing sms/3rd-button with another app, combined with McPhling/hold action. Hence, the sms as default, and sms/hold McPhling action.

    - I also have ZLauncher, but it's no longer mapped to the home button. Things stay peaceful when I just select it as I would any other app. FWIW, it also lives on the McPhling popup launcher.

    -- BTW, freebie FieldPlus gets me to the command bar, where ClipPro, snapDates and snapCalc live, with a press & hold. Butler will do the same.

    Took me 2 solid months to figure out how to conjure a reset-free device with all the apps I wanted, but it was worth it.
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    any favorite DA for popping up date/time, e.g. while drafting a memo on my wireless keyboard?

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    Clockpop5. It's free
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    forgot it doesn't give you the date, but does show the time and day (monday)
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