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    i jus got my new 650 ... anyhow i got the 600 used and i still have it...
    my calender on the 600 has a cool option.

    When i put new , it gives me the option of appointment - floating event - to do - daily journal - template

    anyhow was this added to my phone or was this standard... if it's a add on what program is it? my new 650 needs this cool program
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    First, let me just say this:


    This question has been answered. Over and over again.

    The short answer is that handspring licenses a version of a program called Datebk+. PalmOne is using the standard Palm OS calendar app, proabably for reasons of compatibility accross the Palm lineup, and because the cost of it is included in their license of the Palm OS.

    You can get the functionality back by buying Datebk5 from . You can download a free trial. Make sure you get the maintenance release (p7 - see the note on the right hand side of the download page) that's been updated to support the 650.
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    sorry i dind't do a search but thanks

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