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    I must admit that I am a very satisifed Chatter Email user. Push email on my treo 650 has opened up a new horizon in communications for me that previously only my BlackBerry had accomplished.

    The more I research push email technology for the treo 650 I start to uncover the different applications that provide this type of service. Chatter email, MailWave, Consilient mobile mail, and the forthcoming BlackBerry Connect for the treo.

    If anyone has tried any one of these "push" mail applications for the treo please post your thoughts. Specifically, Consilient and MailWave are of interest since I have never used either. Tell me the plus and minuses of each and which you would recommend. Features, ease of use, compatibility, efficiency, reliability, and price are of interest.
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    Well, I have not tried the above formentioned emails but I have tried several other 'push' emails for the T650. Here is what I've tried and my brief opinions on them:

    Mnotes: Seemed like the answer to my email problems for work, after install it would sync fine when directly connected but after countless hours with tech support (my IT guy and I) it still will not live push on the 650. Mind you we have multiple 600's working fine. I was not all that happy with the palm client either, VERY large install nearly 10mb on the phone when it's all said and done. After frequent testing and reinstalls one time it appears to have corrupted my ROM see here

    Sprint Bizcon: Easy setup, seems to work ok, kinda clunky and bad file suuport. It always seems to work ok for me. I have one or two real problems with it though that keep me from being satisfied with it. First is thart after a reset it takes over your email button everytime even when you change it. Second is the desktop client sometimes (more than not lately) a dos based window opens and reports error upon error about database conversion mime to CD etc... annoying because if you close the dos window it closes the bizcon push feature. Finally what is annoying about it is the lack of intergrated contacts, this makes it rough when trying to really go wireless. It does though work solid and gives me my email quick and reliably (I get the message on my phone many times before my desktop client registers it)


    Treohelper & Snappermail:
    This has been the best so far, I have a copy of all work emails forwarded to my Yahoo account and filtered and notifying my phone via sms. Snapper with TH's help auto fetches the messages and it's almsot as fast as Bizcon butthe email interface is MUCH nicer. Downside is lack of address book still but I'm looking at fixing that. Not a 'true' push but works damn close.

    I've fiddled with chatter and imap but my companies imap server does not support idle so it was worthless as an option.

    Well thats it for now, let me know if there is anything I can explain further...


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