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    I ran into problems upgrading from my Treo 600 to a new 650 that took me a few days and lots of failed syncs to solve. Along the way I searched Treocentral,, and PalmOne but I didn't find anything that directly addressed my problem. Since I finally got the sync to work, I thought I'd describe my experience here in case it helps someone with similar problems.

    I have a 12" Powerbook G4 and part of the problem seems to be that PalmOne just doesn't have good support for the Mac, their dedicated page notwithstanding.

    -- Installation of 650 software.

    The instructions say to install the new 650 software provided on the CD. What they should also say (but don't) is that if you are syncing to iCal and AddressBook you will also have to reinstall Apple's iSync Conduits after installing the 650's software. If you don't reinstall the Apple conduits you will get notices of "conduit conflicts" because there will be more than one conduit for Contacts and Calendar (the old apple isync conduits and the new palm desktop conduits).

    -- First Sync.

    The initial steps I took can be found in a variety of places, but to summarize:

    * Created a backup of my \palm\users\<username>\backups folder in a different place
    * Removed the "backups" folder above (prevents restoration of backups so that you can selectively add in apps to the 650 for easier troubleshooting. creates a cleaner install as well)

    I then synced. The sync took a long time (1 to 2 hours) and finally failed. Thus began 3 days of trial, error, and research.

    In the iSync log I eventually noticed the following error: "NSSyncConduitException" along with a notice that the Palm had become "unavailable or was full". What was quite puzzling was that even though the sync failed, all of the addressbook and calendar records seemed to make it over to the Treo 650. In addition there was over 5MB of free space on the 650.

    After numerous attempts to get the sync to work, I was about to rip out all of the Palm and iSync files and install from scratch when I decided to try one last idea. What if the Treo was in fact filling up with files that prevented the sync from completing? (Seems like a no brainer in retrospect).

    I reduced the amount of Calendar data that was syncing over by unchecking some of the calendars in iCal (i subscribe to my wife's calendar and we both have data going back 4 years), and I synced again.

    Wala. The sync worked.

    It turned out that my problems all stemmed from insufficient memory on the Treo 650 and the ambiguous error messages that are quite different from the Windows error messages.

    The good news is my Treo 650 is working and it's great. I love the hi-res screen and the camera and video abilities are a great improvement. The ability to maintain signal seems improved - my 600 had terrible reception at my house but the 650 is quite usable. I haven't played with Bluetooth yet but am looking forward to using it for wireless access on my laptop.

    My biggest complaint is the lack of memory due to the NVFS structure (though I love knowing that my memory is safe even with a dead or absent battery). To compound the memory problem however, Palm has included a variety of programs in the ROM that I'd prefer weren't there (VersaMail and RealPlayer) but that can't be deleted. Elsewhere on TreoCentral Shadowmite has created alternative ROMS for Sprint CDMA phones but there is no equivalent yet for GSM phones.

    A smaller problem but still annoying is that some apps don't work with the 5 way dpad quite right (LauncherX, 2day)

    Treo 650, unbranded, unlocked, on TMobile.
    Powerbook G4, 12", OSX 10.3.6
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    A couple of things: First, removing the programs from ROM is possible, but doing so doesn't, in and of itself, gain you any free memory. ROM and NVRAM to separate and distinct pools of memory. Removing ROM based apps simply gives you empty space in ROM, not more space for apps. UNLESS you move apps from RAM to ROM.

    This isn't for the faint of heart, but search here for Shadowmite and ROM Hacks, and visit for more info.

    Second, acquire a memory manager that lets you run apps and databases from the SD card. This software was a plus on the 600. It's a necessity on the 650. The two most widely recommended are ZLauncher and PowerRun. Both have free trials. I'm using ZLauncher, have a ton of apps installed, and have about 7 MB free RAM on my 650.

    Also, search for threads dealing with duplicate PIM databases. If you're not running apps that need the 'duplicate" pdbs, you can save a bunch of space by deleting them (but keep an eye out--they have a tendency to come back at random intervals, so you need to keep deleting them).

    You're correct about L-X. As much as I liked it, I ended up switching to ZLauncher, since I needed a memory manager anyway. Many apps have been updated to better support the T650. If you haven't already, check the 2day web site to see if there's a new version.
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