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    I've recently noticed that when I receive a call on my Treo 650 (Cingular branded), I can answer the call by pressing the space bar. (All other keys except the "phone on" key silence the ringer as stated by the manual; manual does't say anything I could find about the space bar.) The problem is that I want to disable the space bar from answering the call because my cover/case for it has a flap that rests up against the space bar slightly and when I grab the phone when it rings, just the slightest pressure on the case causes it to push the space bar and the call is answered whether I wanted to do so or not. How can I disable the space bar from answer the call?

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    Check out "KeepOff", it's what I use and it's a life saver. Works better than KeyGuard. I have the same issue as you with my holster clip and KeepOff fixed my issue right away, and it's free. Lemme see if I can find a link...
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    Here you go, works on a 600 and 650. I've got a 650.
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    TreoGuard has several setting that have been helpful to me.
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    Thanks. I tried Keepoff and it solved the problem nicely.

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