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    Perhaps this is unique to my T650 (unlocked GSM), but when I try to view the number of records in my applications, my device crashes in a way that requires a hard reset.

    Perhaps my Contacts and Calendar programs are too big (I've been using Palm since they were first introduced), or perhaps one or more of my files are corrupted. Or perhaps there is an applications conflict--though, I have so I only have Doc-To-Go, Vindigo, AOL, and Tube installed (Doc-To-Go and the Tube maps are running off the SD card). I still have 8.2 megs left of internal memory left, so it doesn't seem to be a memory problem.

    At this point, I am committed to check Info as little as possible, and never again will I be temped to determine the number of records I have on my apps.
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    Well, it looks like more than just a Info/Records problem. My T650 just went into another infinite loop, and when I perform a system reset, I can get the launcher, but I can't turn the phone on. This has happened twice now.

    I will do another hard reset (before which I will again rename my Backup files.) This time, I will not install AOL, Tube, and will leave Docs-To-Go in the internal memory (even though I've been using DataViz's utility to transfer it to the SD card).
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    OK, I've done a hard reset, being sure to rename my Backup files. The only new app I've installed is Vindigo. I will play with this for a few hours and I'll see if I get another infinite reset loop.

    If not, then it's either (1) AOL, (2) Docs-To-Go (or moving it to the SD card with the DataViz utility), or (3) Tube. Or, of course, something else.

    If anyone has any ideas on this, please let me know.

    P.S. I'm still pretty certain that trying an Info/Records will crash the device. It's been doing that since the day I got it.
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    I just found the following entry on the T650 Software Compatibility list:

    AOL 3.2 for Palm OS5
    UPDATED 12/13/2004 12:30:00 PM CST
    From user, " terms of aol it works fine in terms of logging in and getting my email, etc. But once you hit the reset button on the treo it puts the treo 650 into a constant loop."

    This is exactly what was happening to me. It looks like Docs-To-Go and Tube were not the problem. I'll install them soon and find out.
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    I installed Tube and it seems to work fine, even with the maps installed on the SD card, though they are a bit slow in loading. Moved Docs-To-Go to the SD card uding the DataVisTech utility and there seems to be no problem there either.

    So, AOL on the T650 causes major problems. Also, I'm still reluctant to perform an Menu/Info/Records. It never worked for me and I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.

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