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    My project today has been mastering and playing with "Favorite Pages/Buttons".. One flaw that I seem to have found, unless someone has some insight is that I can not add or create a Favorite Page / Button for Applications that are loaded on my SD card.

    Like everyone else I've begun to run low on memory, so I've been installing new applications on a 1GB card. When creating an application based favorite button, it does not give me an option to look onto my SD card for that application...

    Any suggestions (besides move the application to base memory?)??
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    You can if you use zlauncher to manage your sd card apps. ZL creates a shortcut (iNoah* for example) that is the name followed by an asterisk. These are recognized in the fav page. If you're not using zlauncher or powerrun to manage your sd card apps try them out. They move the associated databases back and forth as well as the app (saving more room)

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