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    Anyone found a good GPS unit with Bluetooth and software that works with the 650? Thanks Wrigley
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    tomtom works great. There' a good discussion in the blue tooth area
    Henry L lazarus
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    I use a fortuna clipon BT unit and mapopolis. While mapopolis is not the greatest for palm (ppc nothing can touch it) it does work fine.

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    I use the Navman 4460... had trouble at first, but as long as I keep about 8 or 9 MB internal memory free, all is well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    ^ i was reading up on that and well the apparent claim that is the best out there
    IF you're referring to my comment about the NAVMAN (you have to be more specific than "that" ), I certainly think so. I'm an American living in Australia so I needed a product that had maps available for both, and I'm pretty sure it was the only one.

    A couple of gotchyas:

    1. NAVMAN does not officially support the Treo 650. This was what they said at the time of the Sprint release, which I believe has a slightly older Bluetooth stack than the unlocked GSM I have (EFIGS model too). They said some customers experienced good results, others did not. I have had minimal BT weirdness, but still have had it occasionally, and going to the Bluetooth prefPane, deactivating, waiting a moment, and reactivating Bluetooth and returning to the NAVMAN software seems to sort that out.

    2. I've also had other interesting anomolies with some menus not rendering (they're custom made, not standard Palm OS interface elements). I know that the software needs a fair bit of ram heap to run, and since I've been keeping 8MB+ free on the Treo 650, haven't seen that issue again. Also, there are ways to reduce its memory usage:

    • Keep only necessary regions active.
    • Remove additional unused voices

    Hope that helps... feel free to PM me if you have a 4460 and need further assistance.
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    I've been trying unsuccessfully to Install SmartST on my treo 650. When I click on "Install Application" I get the screen that the following files will be installed when I preform a HotSync next...SmartSt.prc,GPSLib.prc,MSIHelper.prc". However I don't get anything when I perform a HotSync. I'm doing this on Windows XP..Did you have any such issues?
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    I tried them all at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and ended up buying TomTom Navigator 2004 software-only with the Holux GR-231 bluetooth GPS.

    I did not try NavMan (couldn't find it at CES) so would be interested if anybody has tried them both. I can vouch that TomTom is miles ahead of Mapopolis on the Palm and that it's pretty much the best Nav system I've seen, even compared to the built in car units.
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    I'd be interested to know how to install the SmartST software on the Treo 650. I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to install it using the SmartST Desktop, and don't see any .prc files in order to install it using the quick installer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nookala
    I'd be interested to know how to install the SmartST software on the Treo 650. I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to install it using the SmartST Desktop, and don't see any .prc files in order to install it using the quick installer.
    I do not believe your problems are Navman specific. Perhaps you have multiplt Palm Desktop installs.... perhaps you have multiple Palm users on your system. Have you performed a search? Have you contacted NAVMAN?

    Also, after further tinkering with SmartST on the 650, I have removed it and carry around my old T3 when I need it. My point being... THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.
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    I haven't had any problems installing other apps and I verified that I have only one Palm Desktop and one user. I've seen the same issues other users had in a couple of other threads but never saw a resolution. I was unsuccessful in getting Navman to help me since they said they don't support the 650. I'm trying to get to the point where I can evaluate this and hoping I'm one of the lucky users for whom this works reasonably well. I'd appreciate it if someone can email me the .prc files.
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    I'm using Mapopolis 2.3 with a bluetooth GlobalSat BT-338(SiRF Star III chip). works really well(even catch 5 sats indoors). Is there an evaluation version of TomTom or others that I can download and try?

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    Was curious as to the VOLUME of the voice directions on the software for these GPS systems.....We all know the speakerphone volume is EXTREMELY the voice even audible in the car?

    Specifically, I am curious about the Navman 4460, as I am thinking of purchasing this unit, but would like to hear about others too!
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    On TomTom I have to keep the volume at 10-20% because the voice is so loud. If that answers your question.

    Also.. TomTom version 5 is coming out in May with a new BT GPS.
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    Volume on the Navman 4460 is great... although using voice instructions does cause the map to exhibit a bit of a visual delay when they are active.... unless I'm on a long drive where I'm not turning for a while and need to be warned... I keep them off. BUT... don't buy the navman until THIS comes out.
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    Any idea when that is coming out? Is it a free upgrade for those that have already purchased?
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    I also purchased a bluetooth GlobalSat BT-338 and have installed Mapopolis 2.3 and my results have not been good.

    If i just have the gps fired up and tracking a map its ok. However if I generate a navigation route the bluetooth connection to the GPS unit keeps droping. I think its is when a voice prompt is active though it also seems to dump out when rerouting and during a find operation

    ps I am using the mapopolis word db not pspeak figuring this would be less memory intensive. I am trying my unit this eveing with some more memory headroom (9mb)

    Any ideas what else I can do ...There does not seem to be any settings I can change -
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    I sue the Houlux 231 and Mapopolis. Great combination and works wonderfully.
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    I have no problems with my unit. I keep my maps on sd card. In SETTINGS under NAVIGATION I have Scroll map, Rotate map and Display pilot data checked. Under GPS, Use Bluetooth Connection is selected and Restart GPS unchecked. Also using word db.
    Do you have other bluetooth devices that you tested with your Treo? Do you have access to another Treo to test the BT-338? It's possible you have a faulty GPS. There was an issue with the early manufactured Globsat units. Have a look at forums for more info.
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