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    I think I am going to purchase the Treo650. I have been looking around for the best deal on one. I am a longtime Sprint customer and have not purchased a new phone from them in 2 1/2 years.

    Is it better to go through the Sprint online site and purchase the phone or call them or get it through Amazon or ebay, etc. I'm not sure if Spring will tack on additional charges if I don't go through them.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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    If there is not a Sprint store near you (best option) then call in. You will get the $150 rebate because your phone is over 18 mnths old. They will usually overnight the phone to you.
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    There is a Sprint store nearby. It seems the phones on amazon, ebay are cheaper. But I figure that somehow it all evens out?
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    If your set on going with Sprint, that's ok. I would consider Cingular GSM. It depends on the coverage in your area. In my area GSM is much stronger than CDMA, and Sprint phone drop calls all day long. In other areas Sprint is much stronger than Cingular. I prefer the way GSM handles data, which lets me be connected all day long with less call interruptions going into voicemail. Being a new customer you can get some pretty good deals on either one. Good luck!!!
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    I think only if you get it from Sprint you will get the $150 rebate since your way over their 18 months policy. If you want a better deal then you would probably have to port your number to Cingular. is the only place I know where you can get a good deal right now.
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    If I purcahse it from, will I still be able to use my old sprint number? Will Sprint walk me through my new service plan, etc.?
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    I agree with ZBoater - take a look at the GSM model. Apparently, it appears some of the issues with the CDMA version have been resolved on the GSM - e.g., delay when calling a contact.
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    Really happy with Sprint and gives better coverage where we are. Just want the best price with the last amount of hassle.

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