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    I just got a refurb 600 (upgrade from a 300) last week. Bought a lexar 1g card. After a few days, the treo would occasionally come on on its own, as if I just popped the sd card in - displaying the card in the launcher (most notably, while I'm commuting and the 600 is on the passenger seat). Sometimes it's motionless and it happens. In the past couple of days it has occasionally behaved as if the card isn't in there (not on the list in the launcher, nor in filez, etc). Or I might try to run an app that's on the card it'll ask me to put a *different* card in there. If I pop it out and reinsert it, it will sometimes report "the startup application for this card cannot be run". After a few removals/insertions, especially if I press the card in deep with a fingernail, it'll take. Anyone seen this before? It's intermittent enough that I'm afraid it'll work fine when I walk into a SprintPCS store and then fail an hour later ...

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    Try out CardKeeper and see if that fixes your problem with your Treo not detecting the card.
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    Some 600 owners including myself suffered from this. Usually caused by Lwav. In my case anyway. I haven't really found a way to fix it. Cardkeeper will only detect if your card is not being recognized but will not prevent the problem. If you have lwav try deleting to see if the problem goes away. Fortunately I've upgraded to 650 and this is not an issue on this model.
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    I had this problem long, long ago. I then started ujsing CardKeeper then CradleCare and gosh, no problem since then. Not at all. Ben
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    Thanks for the pointer to cardkeeper. I'm concerned, though, the the problem occurs in the first place. I'm also wondering if it's a physical issue - it's not always that it doesn't recognize the card, but rather acts like I just plugged it in - you know how inserting a card into a treo that's turned off will turn it on, bringing it to the launcher screen for the card: it'll do that out of the blue, and if I twiddle the top of the card while it's in this state, it act as if I'm removing it and inserting it repeatedly. Well, if I'm "lucky" it'll happen when I relatively close to SprintPCS store and I'll go and show them ... I suppose after a few 600 swaps they'll give me a 650

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    I think losing communication with the card was fairly common on the 600. It happened to mine periodically. I never worried too much--just released and reset the card when it happened.

    What you describe about "twiddling" the card sounds like a loose connector in the treo or on the card, however. Do you have an extra card you can use to see if it's the phone or the card?
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