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    i went with causerie premier because it allows me to log in to 2 of each account at the same time. i paid the $$ and was emailed the reg key (or at least i thought it was). i then downloaded a zip file from the site:
    and unzipped and had a file called Causerie1.8.prc
    i used the "palmone quick install" program and was able to get it on to my treo. when trying to add my first IM account, it asked for the reg key but did not recognize it.

    when ordering, i had to fill out shipping address etc. does the premier edition have to get shipped to you? is what i downloaded just the basic/trial version and my reg key won't work with it?

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    Mabye e-mail the people where you ordered Causerie from.
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    figured i might get a quicker response here. i'll go ahead and email them.

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