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    When I ordered my unlocked GSM 650 a couple of weeks ago, palmOne promised a $100 credit (to restore the original $599 price) when it shipped. I thought that was reasonable because they weren't charging my credit card until it shipped, anyway. So here I am, two weeks later - I have my 650 (it shipped with the first batch) and my credit card has been charged, but my credit is nowhere to be found. I've called palmOne several times and my credit is "being processed", but given that it is more than a week since shipping this excuse is wearing thin. My question is whether anyone else (in my situation) has actually received their promised credit (or at least has seen more evidence that a credit is forthcoming).
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    I had the same deal as you. $699 then $100 credit when shipping. My credit appeared on my online statement two days after the initial charge was applied when the shipping took place.
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    my item shipped friday, and well yeah im waiting for the credit...i dont expect anything to be done on the weekend...but if monday or tuesday i am able to talk and its not there yay time for some fun
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    jedix, did you get an email about the credit or did it just show up on your statement? The last time I called palmOne they said that I should get an email with a credit reference number once the credit had been processed. Thanks.
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    Palm charged me $699 on 2/13 and credited me $100 on 2/17. I got an email from them as well regarding my $100 credit.
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    i just got my credit:

    Dear Kristopher A. (not that you can find me and such...oooooooo):

    Thank you for ordering from The following credit
    has been applied to order tehehehe

    Item: 1869804
    Description: PALM Treo 650 GSM
    Quantity: 1- @ $ 100.00

    Sub-Total: $ 100.00-
    Tax Credit: $ 15.00-
    Total Credit: $ 115.00-

    The reference number for this credit is "elmo knows where you live". Please keep in mind, it may
    take 5 to 7 business days for this transaction to appear on the
    original form of payment used at the time of purchase. Please
    visit our online Help area at for
    answers to questions about your order. If you are unable to find the
    answers you need, you may contact one of our Customer Service
    Specialists through our online e-mail form, also found in the
    Help area of our website. Again, thanks for your business. We hope
    serve your shopping needs in the future.

    Please note: This email message was sent from a notification-only
    system that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to


    Customer Service
    palmOne Sales
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    I did get an email first. Maybe they are just a little behind. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info and the good wishes. It is very encouraging to see the credit being honored (that was what I was most worried about), so maybe I just need to be patient with the processing delays.
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    I received my 650 on Tuesday past and was billed on Thursday the full amount. I called them about the credit and they indicated they would put it through. I got an email yesterday indicating the credit was being applied and that it could take a few days to process.

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