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    So here I am slowly but surely adding the apps that i need to turn this into a killer device.

    push email is a huge priority so i've been experimenting with chatter which looks to work very well, except for its way of handling attachments.

    i get a lot of those, both word docs, pdfs and jpgs primarily and need to access them quickly. with chatter it seems i have to first open, then choose program to view with, then go into that program, then open, all when I want that within email so i can keep surfing.

    i know my sidekick 2 (which i know is clearly an inferior device) was great at at least having inline pics.

    it just seems with chatter, there are two too many steps.

    any suggestions?

    ALSO, separate point. But i'm thinking of transferring my small business hosting to a new server that supports imap idle. Midshare told me they did, but now Mark from Chatter is questioning that (very nice of him to help me...) but does anyone know a definitive answer (or an alternative small bus hosting imap idle capable company??)

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    I don't think you'll get inline anything on a Palm... wrong paradigm.



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