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    The first phone favorite has 7 preset buttons. None can be edited. When I tried the camera button, the following message pop up...

    "The application assigned to this favorite cannot be found. It may have been deleted. The application setting for the favorite will be reset."

    And the button is changed to Quick Tour (I had no control of it still). I can only edit the empty buttons, but the 7 preset ones are there forever...

    Do I miss something here? I want to put call log on the very first row but it cannot be done...

    What can I do here?

    Thanks for any help.
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    ha ha, I did the same thing.

    Easy answer: Drag those 7 shortcuts to page 5 of your favorites so you don't have to see them.

    Hard answer: There's a good topic for it somewhere else in the forum, but it involves using FileZ or RsrcEdit to edit the Favorites setting file and delete those entries.

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    I had the same problem. Took me forever to figure out that I could just drag the “locked” buttons to the last page as jaydisc described.
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    Getting rid of them permanently is very easy. Here is what I did: With the latest version of filez (free), select "view and edit files", then expand the "internal" list. Scroll down and select the file PhoneFavorites2db. Click the Filez in the top left of the window to get the menu bar to show, and select "item/edit". You can then view each separate record (there is one for each stored favorite). When you find the ones you don't like, simply close the "view" screen to go back to the full record list, and then hit "delete". Gone.

    If for some reason your phone appears to use a different file name, you can find it simply by adding a dummy favorite on the favorites page. When you go back to filez, sort all of the files on the internal card by most recent mod date. Since you just modified the phone favorites file, it will be at or near the top of the list. Then you can follow the steps above.

    Use these steps at your own risk, since you are prowling around in system files, but if you proceed systematically you should have no problems.

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