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    Hey Folks,

    I know there was another post about this, and I have searched but can't find it. So please excuse me when I ask what the code is to get the crash log... more importantly from what screen do I enter the code? I founda cod that was like ##3733# but I think it was for sprint and I have an unlocked from Palm. Plus I didn't know where to put the code in at. Any help is appreciated. I have installed and uninstalled a bunch of programs just to try them since I am a new Treo650 owner... now I am getting soft resets and I guess I should probably hard reset and only install the ones I like.

    I appreciate the input.

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    On the unlocked Treo, from the phone application, dial # * 3 7 7 <enter>
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    page 187 of the manual...
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    #*377 <enter> also gives me the crash log on my Cingular branded 650, dial it from the phone app..
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    it's not a true crash often lists the wrong app (at fault).

    Most is due to the legacy Palm OS.

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