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    I was originally under the impression that the side button woke the phone up...but I see now that I am wrong. However, when you take the battery out and then boot it back up, it will work only once to wake the phone up and run whatever you have assigned to that button. I would think that Palmone would want that button to wake the phone up and do whatever it is suppose to do or at least some talented programmer write a small utility to cause this to happen.

    I am not sure why it only happens once...something must take it over afterwards...

    anyway, just thought I would share...

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    I am surprised there were not any responses to this. I have been using the 650 for a couple of weeks now; I came from a T3. I loaded mVoice and expected the 650 to work like the T3 (it is advertised as being able to be launched from the side button). The side button doesn't wake the 650 up at all. Is it supposed to and it is just broken or is not intended to do that? I looked through the extremely basic (even for a non-Treo user) documentation and it was no help.

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