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    What I am trying to do is simple. I want to use the built in Versamail to check my corporate email. I want to do this by creating a network connection to my corporate dial up connection directly on the Treo.

    I then want to make the connection on the Treo, go to Versamail and download my email right on the device. However, I cannot get a connection. Is this also disabled on the Treo 650 using Cingular???
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    To do this, you'll need to create another network connection configuration in Prefs->Network. Instead of choosing "GPRS" for the connection type, you'll want to use "wireless dialup", I believe. The other settings, however, depend on your corporate dialup configuration (number, modem settings, etc.).
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    I have tried everything you mentioned. I also see another post on here where someone tried to get it to at least make his home phone ring as if it were an ISP with no luck.

    Is DUN even disabled directly from the device??? I could do this with many other devices!!! Does anyone has a FOR SURE solution???
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    That's called "CSD". It is NOT permitted by the GSM providers. I guess they want you to pay for data and don't want youto use your own minutes (or cell-site bandwidth) for DATA. I guess if they did allow it a LOT of people would choose to use their own minutes to dialup to the net or for email rather then pay for data. The old ATT CDMA phones could do that but the GSM guys lock it down. It would need to be provisioned by customer service, but they won't. Basically you have to tell them "I want to use my voice minutes for data" because they probably don't know the term "CSD". They either won't have a clue and sell you a regular data plan (and it won't work for CSD) or will tell you it's not available which IS the case.
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    Well, I called Cingular Customer Suuport and asked them enable Circuit Switched Data (CSD) and they did. If costs an extra $3.99 per month which I will gladly pay!!!

    I guess they gave me no trouble because I am on a 3000 minute voice plan and the $39.99 unlimited data. (I still need the unlimited data).
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    CSD is already built-in on some phones, like the SX66, with Cingular. A $3.99 monthly fee applies, as dmulliner mentioned.
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    The fact it's builtin doesn't mean they have to provision your account for it. It seems cingular will where ATT won't.
    Quote Originally Posted by TonyH
    CSD is already built-in on some phones, like the SX66, with Cingular. A $3.99 monthly fee applies, as dmulliner mentioned.

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