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    There Are So May Areas Where Palm Is Lacking. If You Have Any Fixes To The Bugs Such As:

    Volume On Speakerphone
    Volume On Ear
    Memory Fix

    Please Post Them Here.
    (otherwise I Will Add The Words... Who's With Me????!!!??')
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    How about you look at the sticky that's already listed in this forum?
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    I think it's getting to be time to make one sticky containing all the other stickies.....
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    how about searching and posting in existing threads?!?!?
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    Is it getting hot and sticky in here?
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    mmm....sticky buns...
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    Quite a sticky wicket, eh?
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    Let's make another sticky. Who's with me???!!!

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    I think this would be a great idea. If I didn't ritually read threads here every time I wake up, get in to work, every hour at work, lunch time, before I leave work, when I get home, every hour at home, and after I say my prayer at night before bed (ok I just realized I have no life) then I don't think I wouldve known about patches and fixes. For example shadowmites patches. I wasn't even aware there was a voice quality issue with 650s till I read that. Or enabling Local Network Time causes issues. I never had it enabled but it's good to know what could happen if I do. Bluetooth, don't use it but applied the patch anyways just incase I do use it in the future. Same goes for DUN, Versamail, PRC editor, etc. Having all in 1 thread would save a lot of time. I remember seeing a compatibily list thread and found that very useful.
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    I guess that's the sticky end to this thread.

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