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    I want to use my Treo as an alarm clock but the default alarm functionality is not sufficient (mainly, b/c I have to set it every day). At a minimum, below is what I'm looking for:

    1. Ability to set recurring alarms simply by stating which days of the week the alarm should be active.
    2. Ability to customize the "snooze" duration.
    3. Ability to select a ring-tone (or, wake-up tone) from those installed with the Palm OS.

    I've heard about TreoAlarm and Bob's Alarm but am unsure if either of these will suit my minimum requirements. Could someone help? Thanks!
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    Bob's your uncle...

    I have Bob's Alarm set up with Bob's Popup/Launch and it's the best of all that I've tried... all the things you mentioned and then some. Bob's Popup/Launch is the icing on the cake as a one button press to bring up Bob's Alarm...
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    I've always been an advocate of PalmaryClock:
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    I've tried several including BigClock, PalmaryClock, and Bob's. Bob's is definitely the best for me.
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    Palmaryclock does 1 and 3 plus a bunch of other stuff and looks pretty
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    Another vote for Palmary Clock. Used them all and this is the best.
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    I like TreoAlarm both for the alarm function and the fact that it will get the weather report for me before the alarm goes off.

    Plus it was free!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet

    I have Bob's alarms.
    But i cant get my alarm to shut off until it completes one full cycle of the midi assigned to it (the one i have assigned is 20 seconds long).

    Have you or anyone else encountered this?
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    Hmm, I'm seeing a lot of votes for Bob's Alarm...and, one person stated it satisfied my requirements. I'll try Bob's Alarm and if that doesn't satisfy me I'll give Palmary a try. But, I must admit, I also liked the weather feature of Treo Alarm...

    Anyways, thanks for all of your posts and feel free to keep 'em coming!
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    I like TreoAlarm. It has numerous alarms that can be set. Plus, I like the large snooze button for morning. (I'm a snoozer.)
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    So, I just started re-assessing the alarm apps and I'm leaning towards Bob's Alarm but I do like the weather functionality of Treo Alarm...heck, I think I'm just gonna try each one - Bob's, Palmary, and Treo Alarm. lol.
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    Another vote for TreoAlarm here
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    Okay, I decided to go with TreoAlarm b/c of the weather service and I think it'll be perfect for what I need. I'll give it a week and decide if I'm gonna stick with it; which I probably will. Again, thanks for everyone's posts and opinions.
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    Received: 2/10/2005
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    I think you will be happy with treo alarm. Not only does it have the weather, it has multiple alarms, an easy to read time display, adjustable snooze and, what is most important, a very easy to scan and understand alarm display. On many programs it is hard to easily see if or when an alarm is set. I don't have that problem with TA.
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    I'm using Clock Deluxe. It meets all your requirements, and I've been pleased with it so far. You can also load new alarms to use in addition to the Palm OS tones.

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    Bob's Alarm got my vote! Nice and loud. For those Bob users, I'm kinda curious to know which alarm tone you guys are using. I'm using Bob's "Claxton" tone with these settings:

    - Vol (%) = 100
    - Pause (ms) = 1800
    - Speed (%) = 100
    - Tone (hz) = 1000

    It's really loud and irritating enough to get me up.
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    Using Bob's Alarm, this works for me with the WAV file attached below. (zipped so I could upload it...)

    I made the sound bite 13 seconds long and it auto-repeats at the 15th second. (~2 seconds before it plays again...)

    - Vol (%) = 150
    - Pause (ms) = 1800

    and for timing:
    Sound Time: Once
    Auto-repeat: 15 sec
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    I've been using Bob's Alarm. Downloaded Treo Alarms and it's pretty cool. I kinda disliked the small time stamp but I think it will help me wake up better since I have to open up my eyes completely to see the time and read the weather...hehe. Thx for the info.
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