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    I recently purchased some tones from Palm. I brought them on the Treo, however within the Treo 650. They do not appear onthe standard tone list. I do not have the ability to choose these tones for different activity. I used the Tones prc program but only one tone for the phone is allowed using the Palm Tones program. I cannot assign those various tones I purchased for know callers, unknow callers etc. (See attached jpeg. )They do not appear on the list..I also tried the Mring program, however the tones I received from Palm do not seem to be the be a format that is found by this program

    I would like to establish different tones for each. I am not able to do so. Only the one tone I have chosen for the phone plays. Can anyone offer a solution to this.

    I was wondering if a you had a process by which I could bring a tone within the phone for each activities.

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    Are these MIDI, mP3 or other format?
    How did you transfer to your Treo?
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    Hey, check out no reason to buy any tones... they're free on that site. There's over 2500 MIDIs and just over 100 MP3s right now, but I'll be adding more soon for a total of about 2000.

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