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    I work for a very large, primitive company; we still use Windows NT. On top of that, the company has disabled use of USB ports and even the CD-R drive's ability to write.

    I've been a Palm user since the very first model (I even had a prototype) even though I am not a techy and now I am am suffering badly from not being able to get the desktop loaded on my work PC. Any Advice?

    When I insert the 650 disc NT says software not compatible. Wen I try to DL from Palmone's site, tey do not have the 650 desktop listed as an option for DL, only the 600, and I can't DL tat because it wants a valid serial number.

    I bought a USB>Serial converter so I think I can get hardwired connectedif I could only get some compatible desktop software on my NT PC.

    Finally, I did get Palm Desktop 4.1 on my NT PC, copied and pasted the address files from my XP/650 address files into the NT/4.1 address files location and they were apparently incompatible.

    I'm at a loss... any ideas other than quitting my job? I do like my Treo more than my job but I still need a paycheck in order to keep buying accessories and new PDA/phones twice a year.
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    WIndows NT 4.0 does not USB support at thus no it will not work...hope there comes a Serial version of the cable, or im sure there is an adaptor which will somehow swap USB to seril..

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    I bought an adaptor at Best Buy that changes USB to Serial, it cost about $31 (U.S.). Nt sre if Best Buy's Caadiann stores carry the same products as in the U.S.

    My problem at this point, I think, is how to get a Treo 650 copatible version of Palm Desktop on an NT PC.

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