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    After swapping my 1st Treo after day 3, the last 7 days have been almost faultless. I've been using Chatter 1.0.2 in ClassicMode and there hasn't been once lockup. The phone in general has been extremely stable - only 2 reboots and none while Chatter has been running. The way I use Chatter is to connect for 3-4 minutes at a time to get IMAP email and IM, and then disconnect from the GPRS service completely. I'd do this 20-30 times a day. The 650 has been totally stable. The 600 would reboot after 3-4 days of this type of usage.

    Perhaps some of the problems people are seeing is in faulty 650s... Certainly my 1st 650 was faulty.
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    osxman - Happy to hear that... Is there different firmware in your new Treo, do you think? Or just hardware?

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    Just different hardware. It's still 1.14 Firmware, 1.05-ROW Software, Hardware: A.
    They just got another unit from their first batch of stock so I can't imagine it to be different.
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    My new 650 should arrive tomorrow: will report...

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