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    I've downloaded my local train timetables, which is a set of HTML files I've copied to my SD card for my Treo 600. I don't have any software apart from that supplied from the factory, plus the free 'FileZ' app. Is it possible for me to view the files using the built-in web browser or something else?

    Thanks, Andy
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    Use Blazer and type file://foldername/filiname.html
    I wish somebody comes out with a better way of browsing throw htmls. I asked Zlauncher to add that feature so it will launch Blazer. I hope he listens.

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    Thanks heaps Al. For everyone's reference, "foldername" needs to be the volume label of your card. For instance, my card's label is "Card" and my files are in a folder called "Cityrail" so the URL is to be file://card/cityrail/index.htm
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    How do you transfer the html files to the card?

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