For users of Agendus Pro, how do you sync your iCal and Addressbook? I already bought Missing Sync and haven't used the HotSync manager at all on my Mac. When I sync using the calendar conduit, I don't get all of my iCals to port.

I tried using the iSync Conduit to enable me to select the iCals I want, but now I have doubles of each event on my Mac and Treo. The Treo I am using BackupBuddy, so that handles that. I am too tired to try to fix my iCal double dilemna, but hopefully tomorrow I can get this to all work.

My main problem is how to get the "Calendar" conduit to get all my iCals to the Treo.

Also, I set up my .Mac account with the email. Is it better to use POP3 or IMAP4.

Any help would be appreciated.