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    I ordered a Treo 650 from palmone with a new cingular plan, porting my old cell number from T-Mobile over to Cingular. I ordered it on 2/4/05. Last Tuesday I got an email saying I was finally approved by Cingular and that my order would be shipping soon. I tried calling Cingular, but after waiting on hold for 40 minutes and being disconnected, and then waiting another 30 minutes, I decided to call palmone with my question first. I asked if I should worry that I would be going on a trip Thursday and wouldn't be back until Sunday. What if my Treo shipped and arrived while I was away? Would that interfere with my old T-Mobile service? Plamone said that it wouldn't, that the number wouldn't be ported until I received the new treo and called Cingular to authorize it. I had my phone off while I was away, but tonight I checked email and say that it said my Treo shipped out already, and when I turned my phone on for the ride back home I saw it said that T-Mobile no longer recognized my sim card. I called plamone and said I was furious that they had misrepresented, and had cancelled my t-mobile service already and activated cingular when I didn't even have my phone. After 1/2 an hour I was told by Lorna that there were no supervisors after 5pm, so no one could help me. I was desperate to turn my phone on before my 3 hour drive back. I called Cingular then, who after half an hour told me that palmone had authorized the port-over, and that there was nothing they could do about it. I called T-Mobile who said that they could re-activate my sim card, but was then put on hold with an estimated wait time of 40 minutes. I hung up and drove home without a phone. When I arrived, there was no new phone. Even WITH overnight shipping it hadn't arrived yet. So, my Treo 600 is useless with my current T-Mobile sim card, and I haven't yet received my new Cingular one. Imagine if I hadn't picked overnight shipping! How can palmone and cingular expect me to be content with having NO cellphone? Meanwhile, I'm currently on the phone with T-Mobile with a 30 minute wait to reach someone to reactivate my sim card.

    Bottom line, BEWARE. If you are switching service, palmone will activate your new card and cancel your old sim card when they SHIP the 650, NOT when you receive it and call up. They even had the stupidity to suggest last week that I should keep my T-Mobile account active for the first two weeks in case I decide I don't like Cingular, so that I can easily switch back. Nice that they forgot to mention that they would cancel my old service on their own. Perhaps it works like that naturally, but I resent the misinformation, and ESPECIALLY their lying to me about my old phone remaining active after the new phone had shipped. This is HORRENDOUS service. I've had the 180, 270, 600 and wait, now the 650??????????

    Sorry for the rant. But I'm PISSED. Oh, and T-Mobile just said it would take 24 hours to activate a TEMPORARY number.
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    I've learned not to port my numbers until I'm good and ready, and have used the new phone with a new number that I don't care about in case I decide to cancel. Porting, although possible, is a rather cumbersome and sometimes time consuming process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoPhyte
    I ordered a Treo 650 from palmone with a new cingular plan, porting my old cell number from T-Mobile over to Cingular. ...
    I made the exact same mistake! After a two-week delay, PalmOne finally shipped my Cingular 650 on Friday, two days ago -- and cut off my T-Mobile service.

    The new Treo won't arrive until Monday, even though it nominally is overnight shipping, because I had them send it to my office address. It's a good thing I don't have a pressing need for cell-phone service this weekend!

    To add insult to injury, since my T-Mobile service has been cancelled, I can't even login to TMo's web site to see my final bill.
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    Tony - I didn't decide to port my number at this time. I was told it wouldn't be done until I called Cingular to activate the new sim card. Palmone should have told me when I asked, that they did it automatically on shipping. Thus, I don't see it as my mistake, but THEIRS. Both Cingular and T-Mobile said that if you're porting a new number to them, they NEVER activate the new sim card until you call in to say you received the new phone. I don't see why palmone thinks it's different and can treat their customers so inconveniently. They know we're crazy about our cellphones. I'm sure they can figure out that we don't want to go a couple of days without cellphone service!

    Oh, and to add insult to injury, I lost my old sim card last night and now won't even be able to access the new temporary number today when it activates. An my Treo 650? Who knows where it is? It shipped via overnight mail on Friday, but has not arrived. I have a doorman, and no package has arrived for me. They've even double-checked.
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    Palmone ships Fedex overnight. Fedex does not ship on Saturdays or Sundays with this service.

    I'm in the same situation as you are. My phone will arrive tomorrow, but as of Saturday morning my T-Mobile account stopped working.

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