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    I currently use the following free software:

    Backup Bister

    Do you have more Good Free Software?


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    These may be free as in "freeware" but they aren't "free software" -- at least, not all of them. See the Free Software Foundation's website at if you're unclear on the distinction.

    Among my favorite free (as in free speech) software, all under the GPL: Vexed, Diddle (and DiddleBug), and LinkMaster. There's a decent list of a handful of other GPL Palm apps at and another at

    There will be a few more once I get some time to finish the Palm projects I'm working on.

    If anyone knows any other good lists of truly free (as in GPL or another license complient with the Open Source definition) software, please post it here.

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    I Love this FREE map software called Mapopolis ( You can view practically every county in the nation. And it's free!
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    More free software. Really good Metro software.



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    The freeware that I like a lot are:
    BigClock - multiple time zones and alarms
    Matrix - way cool clock
    Showtimes - get movie info via Yahoo Movies
    Top Secret - store info in encrypted form

    Most are available at, although
    I can't find Top Secret any more. AlbumToGo
    is kind of fun, find at PalmGear.

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    This is a good thread!

    As Jammer mentioned, it should be mentioned that there is a difference between shareware, freeware, and open source-ware.

    Shareware is copyrighted software that typically offers a free trial period. If you like the software, you should pay for it.

    Freeware is also copyrighted software but you are entitled to use it for free. You may not redistribute it.

    Open source tends not to be copyrighted and is "opened" to any developer that would like to continue development on the product.

    It should be noted that some of the apps listed above are NOT free, but rather shareware (tealpaint, for instance).

    That said, I did find some nice freeware apps from those suggested...Bigclock and Whatzup being excellent!

    My favorite freeware/opensource programs are:

    Launcher III
    niggle (scrabble game)
    mapopolis (an adequate, if somewhat large map application)

    JohnHes: Where did you find Matrix?

    Mitch Blevins (Diddlebug author) has a nice list of open GPL software at:

    I look forward to reading other's posts!
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    For fans of the movie The Matrix, Matrix.prc can be found at

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    My favorite programs:
    + App/DA Launcher
    + DiddleBug
    + GreenLightHack
    + AlbumToGo
    + AvantGo
    + ClipList
    + Hackmaster
    + iSolo free
    + MsgAgent
    + Proxiweb

    My favorite freeware games:
    + domino!
    + BJ's BlackJack
    + Block Party
    + Gobble!
    + Invaders
    + Tyranny
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    If you use your Visor in the medical field and hav'nt seen ePocrates yet, your missing out on a great free Drug database. Check it out at
    With the PDR springbaord costing $200, this is a great deal.
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    Per a recent thread, I thought I'd add some new free apps that I've found lately:

    Autobase: A great program for tracking oil changes, mileage, etc...

    Noah: a very nice dictionary

    Vexed: (A game already mentioned, but I'll put in another vote for it!)

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    Best so far has been Avantgo. There's a wealth of information there and as an avid magazine reader, it's saving me tons of cash.

    Mapopolis was really handy during a recent trip to Chicago, but it needs much better landmark mapping and some better advertizers. It's very nice to have a street level map of Chicago on my Visor, but I didn't really need to know the exact location of every Burger King ans Subway.
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    The guys at Mapopolis have said the next release is going to have a lot more features including landmarks. The restaurants are necessary, as that's who's keeping the application free!

    I found a couple of GREAT free card games:

    Rally 1000

    Both programmed by the same person. Both excellent programs.
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    Once again, I went and dug this thread up for another post and decided to add a few more cool freeware apps that I've been using:

    LookDA - a neat little utility that helps auto-complete words for you...sort of like the shortcuts...but better:

    WeSync - I know this had been mentioned, and I have yet to use it (since there is no Mac support yet!), but it looks quite lets you sync two different Palm devices via their website.

    List - a freeware database with a lot of desktop companion programs avaialable. Still in beta:

    DB - another database (open source). Haven't used it and would love to hear from anyone that has compared DB with List:

    So...what other freeware/open source programs have people found lately? Share them with us!
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    Another freeware app would be PilotPlot, a freeware graphing calculator.
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    I was currently using Mycheckbook, which is not bad. However, I found a few bugs on it like wrong balances results and others. Therefore, I am looking for a freeware where I could write down all the activity of my credit cards easily and also schedule a monthly APR and payment, so I don't have to copy ii from my bill. I have 3 credit cards and sometimes I can't remember which credit card I used. Also It would be interesting if the freeware could inport and export the databases.

    Of course, the software needs 3 essential Fileds Date/Description/Amount, which should be able to be sorted in those categories

    Is it possible that such a software could exist?

    Well, If there is no such a Freeware; is there a low cost good Shareware out there?

    Thans for your help


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    Try MoneyTender
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    Originally posted by xjx:
    Try MoneyTender
    MoneyTender is a good freeware to keep track of your checking account but not of your credit cards. I tried and I prefer to get a better one.


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    Great thread.

    A program I find useful is Secrure Memo Pad by Certicom

    It can replace the MemoPad and allows you to secure chosen memos under a password. This means you do not have to secure them all. I have a list of passwords, info on my family, SS#'s, DL #'s, ect.
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