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    The Treo 600's calendar program was a significant improvement over those of the prior Palm handhelds. I used the Daily Journal feature all the time and the To Do integration was absolutely essential. Now, all that is gone on the T650.

    The user interface of VersaMail has also gone to hell--the UI on the T600 was substantially better. But I'm wondering what we gained in exchanged for all we lost. The only new feature I could find is the ability to store photo's in the Palm Manager. Big deal!

    I plan to buy Snappermail now, but I really want my Treo 600 calendar program back!
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    From what i remember Handspring had the cool calendar and palm didnt have it so when Palm combined with handspring they kept theres. Handspring licensed it and Palm didnt .
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    DateBk is the app they licensed, if you want to get it back. The web site says it was based on DateBk3, although there's also 4 and 5 available.
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    DateBk5 takes up too much memory and can't bne run from the SD card (apparently, alarms don't work from there). I tried to intall it, and the device crashed so badly, I'm on the phone with Palm going through a hard reset. This is Palm's fault for not providing 64 meg of memory.

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