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    I have used softick Blue Files and its really unstable. Anyone know of anything else?

    los angeles, ca
    tmo with unbranded unlocked treo 650
    coolest thing: bluetooth syncing and internet browsing!
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    If you just need to get files to or from the phone and have XP with SP2 you can just use the built in Windows BT to send files back and forth much like an IR transfer. You can use a file manager to move them around. Otherwise I think Bluefiles is it.

    After hotsyncing for a while with BT it got a little tiresome. It's cool to show a fellow palm user that you can sync from across the room but it just takes far too long. I just picked up a few short 12" sync n charge cables and keep them with me. I have used cardexport I then II and love that. Softblue doesn't work anywhere near as slick as cardexport bluetooth or not and given the profiles that the phone supports it may never improve.

    A much faster way is to pop the card into a reader and copy files. We so often work really hard at making a simple job really complex.
    Adam West
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    thanks adam for the reply. i have xp with sp2 and i dont enderstand what you mean by sending files over bt to the SD card? How do I do it is it easy?

    I dont transfer much, but going completely wirelessly would be nice.

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    right click on the file in the explorer and select Send To and pick your phone.
    (this is on XP SP2, I have the belkin 100m bluetooth usb dongle as well as a generic 10m from fry's, both work the same)
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    thanks that acutally really worked well! too bad i cant designate it to goto my sd card it just says receiving i ithnk it goes into my regular memory? thank you! paatjin and adam west.

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