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    I searched through the posts looking for someway to enable handsfree dialing other than with carkits with voice tags and found many post where people hadn't found a solution. I have found a solution that comes close to working the way I wanted and thought I would relate my experience.

    The biggest problem I thought was in getting the phone to wake up.
    I just discovered that a menu item in the Bluetooth settings app allows the bluetooth headset/handsfree device to wake up the phone. I have a Supertooth car kit and a push of the answer button wakes up the phone. It does not unlock the phone, however, I have a Tapdial shortcut assigned to the side button and it works even when the keyboard is locked. Holding the side button down activates the Tapdial shortcut to dial Sprint's Voice command. From there I can dial from my online phonebook.

    I have a Covertec horizontal case that exposes the side button so it doesn't even come out of the case while I am driving. Although it takes two buttons to make this all work they are both quick and uncomplicated. It is far better than fumbling with the phone trying to get it unlocked, dial something and then getting it to transfer to the hands free.

    I had a quick try with a Jabra BT200 headset and I think I got it to work as well. The Voicedial app (trial that came with the phone) should be able to work in a limited way as well. The answer button to wake up the phone and then the side button to start the voicedial app. Although the voice prompts come through the phone speaker and the commands are picked up through the phone speaker once the call is made it should be transfered to the handsfree device.
    Adam West
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    An update.
    I was using a custom ROM on the phone and so couldn't apply the P1 carkit update. I re flashed the ROM to original and then applied the carkit updater. I use Sprint Voice Command and use it for most of my calls. As long as it (Voice Command) is the last number dialed I can simply hold the send button down for two seconds or so and the phone will redial the last number. It then hands the connection to the Supertooth handsfree device. The phone doesn't even light up. Just about perfect. I'm sure this must work on other devices. Perhaps even headsets. Anyone tried the carkit patch with headset???
    Adam West

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