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    I have just noticed that there is no ringtone on my Treo650 wired headset (that came with the phone) when an incoming call arrives... the phone will ring and vibrate but the headset remains silent (I was driving). The headset button works though when I press and answer.

    My wife's nokia and my previous SE900 headsets will also have the ringtone when an incoming call arrives.. Is my Treo650 working OK? Do any of you guys have the same problem of no incoming ringtone on your headset?

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    It was a known issue with the Treo 600. I just bought a Treo 650 and it seems to have the same affliction. That piece remains unchanged in the OS programming from palmONE.

    I think the non-existent ringtone (on a headset) comes from the fact that the OS detects when you have a headset vs. streo-headphones attached.

    Hope this helps,

    === Correction ===

    I think they fixed the issue. I just plugged in my Jabra boom mic headset and flipped the switch on the top of Treo 650 to silent and - BAM - all audio gets routed through the headset!

    Thanks palmONE for the fix!

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    Not sure how well this works on the 650, but Freedom 1.2 from Toysoft resolves the problem on the 600. See:
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    Anyone try to use Freedom on the 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by whidden
    Anyone try to use Freedom on the 650?
    the current version 1.2 isnt compatible with the T650. The new version 1.3 works with the GSM unlocked T650 only and Freedom will output ringtone to the headset. also Freedom can be set to output the ringtone to the speaker if the headset in plugged in and you not there to answer the call so that you can hear it across the room.
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    When the hardware key on top (sound/no sound) is turned to no sound, then you should get it to ring into your headset. It is slightly week and unadjustable, but at least it's better than silence. Hope this adds to the discussion.

    Using sprint t650 and jabra wired headset. Still searching for a good bluetooth set....(new set from palm1 plus sprints new update=better options?) we can always hope.
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    Hard switch on top set to sound: Phone always rings thru speaker. Advantage: Can leave earbud plugged into phone, but not into ear and hear incoming calls. I do this a good bit.

    Hard switch on top set to silent: Rings thru the earbud.

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