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    This is my idea. I would like to combine the Seidio car kit with the Holux (or similar GPS receiver) and the TomTom Navigation Software.

    I have been doing some research. I like the Seidio car kit because of the internal speaker and the hook ups for the GPS wired receiver and the power cord etc. This way once you have organized the wires, all you have to do is slip the Treo into the bracket and it is all set up.

    Then, I would like to hook in the TomTom Navigation Software. I have noted the benefits to be that it can store all the maps on a SD card and only has a 50K footprint on the Treo. Plus, it is apparently loads faster than the Mapopolis software.

    As I understand, all this should function together. I would appreciate the forums opinions before I start assembling this GPS solution. In particular, I am not solid on the receiver, I have seen Holux receivers, but I do not have any models in mind. Therefore, if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to avoid the bundles like Seidio and TomTom, because it seems that they are pricey and that they compromise on either the receiver or the holder, or the software.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    Did you get a chance to read my thread here:
    The prices are good and the setup works.
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    Yes, I read your tread. I sent you a PM about the hook up.

    In particular, which GPS receiver did you use. If you used the TomTom receiver, how is it plug into the RJ11 input in the Seidio car kit. If not, are you happy with the GPS reciever.

    Any chance you could post some pics of the install.

    Did you find any other bugs, or have you worked out the ones that you mentioned in the thread. LOL.
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    Is there a way to get priated TomTom software. If so you could probably get the GPS antenna and the Y cable for about 50 bucks and get everything running at a fraction of the cost.

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