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    Does anyone know where I can find a demo of datebook5? I goto and where it shows the download link it show if i down load that it tells me that "The Selected Product is not StreamLync 2.0 compliant." any help is appreciated.

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    you could find this easily using google, btw
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    If you have a 650, make sure you use this version.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pimlico/DateBook5 people
    V-5.4 Maintenance Release is REQUIRED for Tungsten T5/Treo650 to sidestep Performance & Stability problems in the PalmOne software: Download V-5.4a, p7 Release. Also now recommended for Tungsten T3/E and Zire-72/31 users. There is also a windows Exe version of V-5.4a for download.

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