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    I'm so frustrated... I never had any problem doing this with my Treo 600!!!

    I've been having a very difficult time converting a DVD into an avi file for veiwing on my Treo 650 via MMPlayer. I've followed all of the recommended settings but the video still is choppy and the audio is out of sync.

    I'm using PocketDVD with the following settings:

    Codec - 1 Pass Xvid
    Resolution - 320 x 224
    Bitrate - 225-275
    fps - anywhere between 15 and 24

    Question - I have a 1gig Sandisk SD card that I'm storing the avi file on. Do I need to invest in a high speed card now that I'm trying to view the higher resolution video available on the 650?
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    Your main problem is that you are putting at 320x224 resolution on a 160x160 screen. You are forcing MMPlayer to shrink the video which slows it down. You should also decrease the bitrate a little (under 200), and make sure the audio bitrate isn't too high. I would keep the fps at 15. These numbers seem kind of low, but these worked great for me when I had a Treo 600.
    Let me know if this works for you.
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    Isn't Ovation2 trying to make the MM Player work on the 650, and not the 600 now ?
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    Whooops... I saw 600 on the first line and got confused... Maybe the problem is the audio rate.. That would definitely slow MMPlayer down.
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    Try bit rate of 100-120 and fps of 15 with size to match your device.
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    my mmplayer does not even recognize the avi on the sd card....any ideas on why that is?
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    Did you compress with a codec that you've loaded on with MMPlayer?
    AVI files can be a number of different types.
    MMPlayer supports xvid and MPEG2

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