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    Quote Originally Posted by DocGo
    I had to give up epocrates because it is truly a have 13MB of free memory reclaimed (was having dangerously low RAM of 2-3MB when epocrates was still in my Treo 650). I have asked the makers of epocrates so many times to make their program SD friendly but they always said it will not sync properly. I now use Lexi-Complete which is SD friendly and has updating of databases during hotsync.
    That's cool. Still seems a bit expensive. I'm using the Rx Free version and I only have about 4mb free now! (But, I have 95% of my 1GB SD Card free). How big is the drug database on the SD? How about the app on the internal? I'll try the Lexi-Drug, but have to delete epocrates first I guess. If I subscribe, I'll put you down as a ref. I think you get a 3-month extension on your subscription. Email me your info and email if you want me to do this for you. What kind of doc are you? I'm a urologist. Which Lexi product do you use and why? I'll let you know how I like it. Thanks again.
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    I agree that the full version of Epocrates is bloat but I got around it. I only regularly use Epocrates Rx and don't use the ID program, etc. I use Z Launcher and clicked a box to show hidden files. It will then show separate icons for the ID program, RX program, memo, Doc alert, etc. I moved the ID program, Doc alert, Tables, etc. to the card. All of these programs run well from the card except Epocrates ID (takes too long to load). You can still access them but they won't appear in the tabs on top of the Epocrates launch screen. As I use Epocrates Rx frequently, I keep this in RAM but have reduced the RAM use down to approx 2 MB. An additonal problem is that when you sync all the programs will again get loaded into 'RAM, but I only sync once every 2 weeks and the process of moving the files takes only about 2 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UroTreo

    Ok.. that \AUDIO is the full path? It's not something weird like..
    \Palm\HotsycID\AUDIO ???

    Finally... what exactly does Power Run do? Do I need it?
    \AUDIO is the default full path. Hotsync/QuickInstall will create it if you push an MP3 from your PC/Mac to the Treo.

    \VIDEO is the default for movie files and \DCIM is the default for camera images.

    Note these are the defaults, but not necessarily the only ones possible as some programs are smart enough to look everywhere on the card to find MP3s (for example). \DCIM is the standard folder structure for all? digital cameras so you might have seen that folder before if you have a digital camera.

    I'm not personally very familiar with PowerRun but I believe it's basically a Palm Launcher replacement like zLauncher and LauncherX. Each of them have different features and they are all pretty popular, so it's mostly personal choice which you like best. The most important thing they do is let you run programs sitting on the SD card by copying them to main memory, running them, and copying any updated files back to the SD card. Note this is effective only for those programs that don't have to run in main memory all the time (certain utility programs like Butler) and don't hotsync with the PC/Mac (because they typically have to be in main memory during the hotsync).

    If you are happy with the apps you have and the amount of free memory, you probably don't need them unless you like the user interface they provide. You can always download a trial, experiment, and then buy the one that works best for you.

    After all, that's one of the things that makes PalmOS and the dedicated developer community so great

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    Quote Originally Posted by whmurray

    I ran filez with the sort you suggested. Needless to say I found things that I did not plan or expect. Address and ContactsDB total 2M, about 4x what they were in the 600 but tolerable.
    Happened to run across another thread which might have a bearing on your Address and ContactsDB size and thought I'd pass it on. Have a gander at
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