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    Hi. I was wanting to try downloading an ebook and see how practical it is to read it on the Treo while flying - one less thing to pack. Any recommendations on the best site and/or software to use to download and read the books? Thanks.
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    Try for purchase and free lite reader. Probably the best and most easily navigable download site for new books, although a little pricey in my opinion. I also use Handstory basic. For some reason some .doc files that won't work on Handstory work on ereader, or vice versa.

    I read books on my 600 all the time and really enjoy it. Great for trains and planes and waiting in doctor's offices.

    There are hundreds of free books out of copyright (many older classics) at that are worth checking out.

    Also, a lot of the p2p sharing sites are a good source of more recent work if you are not concerned with the moral or legal issues. Searching by author name seems to work better than by title.
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    I use ereader as well. Easy to use. Although initially when I loaded the prc file for the app it wouldn't open into the install app. So finally I had to drag and drop it into the install app.

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    I use Mobipocket and can download directly from

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    I'm an avid e-book reader and have tried most of the readers out there. I think E-Reader works best for my needs, especially if you get a good font pack for it, and a good dictionary.

    Check out e-reader here.

    You can also get great font packs for free.

    Once you're set up with whichever reader you prefer, you can get classics and more for free from places like this:

    Memoware - One of my favorites!



    Of course, I still get books from as well. I love the bookshelf feature. Once you buy a book, it's always there for you. Also, when you buy ereader pro once, the most current upgraded version is always there for you to pick up at no extra charge.

    Happy reading!

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    Thanks! I'll get started. Maybe reading some classics will do me some good.

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