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    I searched around and couldn't find anything on this. it seems like recently when using blazer on my 650, there seems to be a lot more broken links to graphics on the pages I pull up. the mobile versions of, yahoo and others come up riddled with big red "X"'s instead of displaying a graphic.

    also, when receiving a picturemail, the 650 used to take me to a page with a preview of the picture with options to download / reply etc. now all I am getting is the exact same page with the same big "X" in place of the picture preview. happens every time now.

    the weird part about it is if I type in the exact url in internet explorer on the desktop, all graphics display properly. I have tried clearing the cache, clearing cookies, refreshing the page, manually re-provisioning vision, nothing helps.

    I'm not sure if this is a sprint vision thing or maybe some app that would affect blazer like this. if anyone else is having this problem, it may help troubleshoot things. any help??
    -- berto
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    no ideas anyone?
    -- berto

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