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    while I sit and wait and wait and wait for either tmobile to come out with the 650, or for contract to expire, i would like to get a bluetooth headset( i had a hbh-10 with my old erricson t28)

    I was wondering if anybody had suuggestions for bluetooth adaptors for the 600? I see the jabra A210 is on ebay for about $20, anyone with any experiences? will the A210 work with any headset?


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    I just got one off ebay for $13.25. I read another post about pairing it with the scala 500 and it working pretty good. I will post my experience with it if I cant find that other thread.

    Here is the link I was thinking about:
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    I paired the A210 with the Jabra BT250 and the Scala 500 with no problems. I was able to listen to mp3's through the headset with this setup as well.
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    John: were you the one that I read about that listened to mp3's by using freedom and 'voicelancher?'
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    t2gungho: Which adapter did you get at that price? I've been looking around, and haven't found an adapter for less than $30.
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    check e-bay for jabra a210, i got mine for $20
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    splufdaddy: check out this link on ebay.

    They are about $20 and then shipping. If you look for them a lot (look for stuff ending late at one stays up that late to bid) You can usually get one cheaper.

    Pair it up with your BT headset and you're good to go. (I have heard good things about the Scala 500 and the HS820.) YMMV
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    I am charging them up and will pair them and try it out. Finally!
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