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    The Treo 650 is not coming out here in France until the 2nd quarter. I wanted to start to fill the address book and calendar on my desktop but from what I've understand the Palm Desktop for Treo 650 is a special version so I can't use the Palm Desktop 4.1.4 which is available on Palm1 website.

    Can someone please put an image of the cd on an FTP server or point me to a website where I can download it ?

    Thanks for your time and help !
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    C'mon guys !
    Can someone help ? I can provide an FTP link where to upload if this is a problem.

    Thanks again !
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    no can do as that would violoate PSI and palmOne's licenses...
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    You can probably download another version from the Palmone website (like for a T3) and then install over it when you get the new one on the new Treo CD.
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