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    What did I do!?

    Symptoms: When I go to place a phone call, the phone freezes and about 20 seconds later tells me the call failed (retry/ignore). Randomly the phone will turn off (not the whole unit, just the phone funtion) without me touching anything. The bug went away for a small while this morning.

    Latest Changes: I installed AIM (mistake) and it crashed. Yesterday I got signed up for internet access through Cingular and have been doing some emailing.

    Error Messages: The only error message I've gotten was one time when it crashed it said "Check your SIM card" - which I did. The card was inserted fine and seemed fine, I'm thinking maybe I got a crap SIM card?

    Should I just format? How do I do that? I have all my contacts in Outlook and that's really all I care about that I have on the phone. Clean wipe sounds good to me, but how? Thanks
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    Update - I looked up how to do a hard reset (erase all data) and afterwards things are in the same shape - I got a "New Voicemail" notice when I turned the phone on and hit "listen" and the phone locked up to a white screen. Crap
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    Get rid of AIM.

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    Didn't the hard reset kill AIM?

    If not, how do I delete it? I got Filez before I hard reset and didn't see it in the file list and it wasn't listed on the home screen.
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    Yes, if you didn't restore from a backup, hard reset would have wiped everything clean. If this is happening on a clean T650, I suspect the phone is failing.

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    Ihad the crash problem and answering calls issue

    I went to Worldclock and disabled set local time setting

    There are other trheads on this as causing issues whenever you power cycle the phone or reset it becuase the logic on the clock rest is messed up

    ONce I did this resets stopped, your AIM issues aside of course

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