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    Ever since I've gotten my wonderful orange Visor, I've been looking for a real good calculator program. Anyone have good ideas? I don't care too much about business oriented programs. I don't want programs that look or act like the built in calc prog. I want something on the same level as a TI-92 or TI-85. Graphing of functions is a must... not just standard lines, 3D graphing too, parametric functions... Built in functions for solving algebraic functions (MathPad does this... but I'm looking for more... it doesn't appear to support Tringonometry) Having functions for Trigonometry... derivitives... integrations...

    Anyone have a good idea?
    I have a TI-92 which is a super duper calc that does all the above and more. But if ya haven't seen one, it's even more bulkier than those older HP handhelds. When I got the Visor, I was hoping it would be a good replacement for the TI-92, but I just haven't found any program, or for that matter programs that could fit the bill.

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    Well, considering that the TI92 is worth more than half of the Visor Deluxe, expect to pay some hefty change for that kind of program.
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    Look into a TI-89, theyre about $150. Sorry but i dont know any software that can put out 3d graphs

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