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    So I wanted to resurrect this thread... finding it AFTER I purchased Backupman.

    My problem is similar to Bjackson...except...I did use the trial version...for the 7 day period, and it DID backup my applications well for this time, but AFTER I purchased the software, the application started to have problems backing up... I got the SHIM LOGS error, turned off the phone, soft reset, got through that error, then had the 'not enough memory' issue.

    These errors happened literally the SAME DAY I purchased the full blown version.

    I contacted the developer via their registration email to me (never going on their site)...and received the same AMAZING reponse form the developer that Bjackson did about "trial download test, my problem, no refunds."

    Like Bjackson in the original thread, I too felt very comfortable buying this program based on the Palmgear website, and rating.

    All I'm saying is that if the developer KNOWS there are compatibility issues, and explains this on the point of sale site (Palmgear in this case) and also states NO REFUNDS, I can make a valued judgement as to whether or not to try it, if it works purchase it, and be happy with a Bits n' Bolts product.

    The $10 is such a menial issue, I almost didn't want to waste what would certainly be worth more in time to dicuss this, but I do think anyone who looks to buy this product should know, that it might work during the trial period or longer (as it did for me), but as you become more of a 'power' user, it may not work for you anymore (as it did not for me).

    I also believe that the developer has SOME responsibility to disclose incompatibility issues AT THE POINT OF SALE... or issue a REDIRECT AT THE POINT OF SALE to their website to allow the user to be made aware of these incompaitibility issues and make their own decision.

    I for one will NEVER purchase a product from Bits 'n Bolts again....and I will spend my life (after the s**t-in-my-face email from them) telling anyone, anywhere, everytime about the company and it's tactics.

    I feel it is tantamount to fraud by knowing of the imcompatibility and not disclosing this informaiton at the point of sale...I'm no lawyer, and $10 isn't going to get me to call one, but I can't think this behavior is legal.

    Legal or not, I know it's not right.

    I know there are many who use this program and love it...I wish you all good luck...but don't ever over-utilize your 650... it may not be there when you most need it!

    Best to all...
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    I find all this strange. I had been using Backupman on my 600. When I got my 650 I contacted them about using it and I was referred to the page about the T5/650. I have been using 1.52 beta5 since I got my 650, at the end of November. I have found it to work perfectly for manual backups and nearly as well for automatic (better without network time enabled). I have emailed Bits 'n Bolts with several questions and always received prompt, courteous and informative answers.
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    Never a problem with Bits 'n Bolts here either, and I own 3 of their products. Always got the support I needed. As with all software, do your due diligence before buying, not after buying.
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    It's usually easy to say "do your due diligence before buying, not after buying" when a program has and is working well for you. I wonder if you've had a negative experience, did you blame yourself?

    This program WAS working fine for me too, for a week.

    On this forum, BackupMan and BackupBuddy are generally recommended software for Treo 650 users... Backupman allows for individual file recovery which seemed like a nice option to have.... It wasn't until I put the words '650+imcompatible' in the search that I found negative responses.

    Didn't know about the beta product until I could not get original program to work as it had been previously.

    Contacted developer, again, without going to site, received INCREDIBLE response... Sometimes it really is all about the attitude... No longer interested in working with them.

    Glad you guys had good experiences, I'm just letting Treo users know, as I have been educated MANY times by these forums of my personal experience, so that others can make valued decisions on purchasing BEFORE they buy. Hopefully people will see that threads which make recommendations are even better when the negatives are explored as well (most already do this), so people can hear ALL sides in order to make sound decisions.

    I''m clearly not the only one who's experienced problems with BackupMan, and based on the thread link earlier, I'm not the only one that has received a pretty crappy response form the developer.

    My point was that I think the developer has a simple responsibility to acknowledge the known (it's on their website for God's sake) compatibility issues AT THE POINT OF SALE, which isn't their website (Palmgear anyone?).

    Everyone has their own experiences, and now maybe all users will know that with BackupMan, it's not all roses and sunshine (which some might gather by some recommendations)....but obviously (as you are an example) there are those that have had that too!

    I hope you continue to have a great BackupMan experience as your Treo becomes more powerful to you. Mine wasn't so great after I began to utilize my Treo for more and more.

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