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    I would like to know if it's esay to access information (mostly from the address book) without a stylus.
    For example : I have a Sony Ericsson P900 and to find a name easily I had to configure the right button (internet button) to access directly the address book, then when you are in the address book you can type the first letter of the name you're looking for using the keypad (so sometimes you have to press the key three or for times depending on the letter) and then you scroll with the jog dial on the left side of the phone/pda and when you've found the name you click on the jog and the name, address, phone numbers appears. So far so good. But if you have a note attached to this name you have to open the flip and use the stylus to view it
    So, with a Treo 650 is it easy to access a note attached to a name using one hand and only the buttons/keys ?
    Any other comments on the ergonomy/usability of the Treo 650 are welcome.

    Thanks for your time and help
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    So far I'm amazed at how easy it is to use the 650 with one hand. On day 1 I was using the stylus but now I almost never take it out. Yesterday I didn't use the stylus once. I LOVE the ergonomics of the 650 so far.
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    To use any of the PDA functions on the P900 is impossible without the stylus (I used to have one). On the Treo 650, you can do anything with the built-in apps with only one hand. It's fantastic by comparison with P900. For third party apps it depends. Some have been updated to use the 5 way D-Pad and some have not. For the example you have, you can do it all one handed.
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    Having used both I would agree that it is marginally easier to get a name or other information from the Treo than it is the P900. Witht he Treo everything all the steps can be accomplished with the 5-way pad and the center button.

    With the P900 you use the nav wheel to select contacts from the options (with the flip closed - it's harder with the flip open), press in on the nav wheel then use the nav wheel again to scroll through contacts, pressing it again once you've found the one you seek.

    Both the P900 and the Treo will let you type the first few characters of a name and select contacts based on the letters you've typed. Again, a bit easier on the Treo as it has a full qwerty keypad where the P900 does not (you must multitap to select the appropriate character) .

    If I were asked to pull a particular contact from identical contact lists on both phones with no stylus or touchscreen use and were timed I think I could do it a little faster on the Treo. I don't think I'd have any problems doing it on either phone though.

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