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    I just got my unlocked gsm treo650 and am loving it. I signed up with service from Rogers and was told that you get 2500 free incoming sms messages.

    Sadly, if you send an email to, you first get a notification from rogers that you have an sms, and you have to click reply to the notification, then type 'read', then send an outgoing sms, and finally wait for your original email to arrive.

    Not only is this a major pain, but this reply you must send in order to read your email costs you an outgoing sms, so really you don't get any free incoming email->sms. Talk about rip-off.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can either automate the reply, or get a sms to the phone without getting the autoreply triggered?

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    Hi Polarbear,
    I am with Rogers too (~11 years) and been using SMS via email for my stock and external emails (via Rogers Wireless Desktop) alerts and it comes directly to my Treo. I have been using this email feature since it was started. All of my fellow Rogers users are experiencing what you are experiencing but not me.

    Did you speak to Rogers about this? I thought you are suppose to reply once and the rest will come automatically.


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