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    Originally posted by lbdyck:
    Wordstar for the Palm. Sounds very interesting - where can one find it?

    Sorry, it doesn't exist. I was just using that as an example to point out that devices with much less computer power than a Palm OS device are able to handle text formatting.

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    Originally posted by yucca:
    If you really want word processing, you need to look at the larger form factor CE based products, like the Jornada 690 or 820. Of course, by the time that you get to the 820s 640x480 screen and $800 price tag, maybe it is time to just get a real laptop!

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    There's a lot of truth in that, but my Psion 7 has some advantages over a laptop: it's very light and small, it's instant-on with no bootup time at all, and it runs for eight or more hours on a single charge.
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    Originally posted by John Nowak:
    I guess you'd create the documents using, say, pEdit or QED, bring them over to the desktop, convert the PDB in your backup directory to a .TXT, change or rename the .TXT to a .HTML, and then open it in an HTML editor like, say, MS Word.
    That's basically it. If you are using Windows and you can keep your doc under 4K then create it in the standard memo database (pedit and peditPro can work in there) and all you have to do is hotsync and then cut-n-paste from the Pilot desktop memopad to an HTML editor like FrontPage. If you really want to have your docs in a closed format like MS Word, then you can always use it to convert. Personally, I prefer to leave everything as HTML - makes my jumps between Visor, Windows, Linux, and Solaris a lot less painful :-)
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    Originally posted by jalayman:
    I just got a Stowaway keyboard and am looking for a good little word processing program. Anyone got any good ideas?
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    Originally posted by Dapmp55:
    I am looking for the same type of program...but i have 1 Question...Is there any program out there..that will take notes entered on a memo pad and be able to send them to a program like word? Any help would be greatly appreciated...(Another thing what good is it to purchase a input device like a stowaway keyboard to take that when it comes to review those notes you have to stare at its tiny little screen for hours....

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