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    I've had my Cingular 650 one week. It's my third Palm OS PDA. I never had a single problem with my Palm IIIx or Handera 330 with over 6 years of combined use. But am growing unhappy and considering returning the 650.

    1. Sync issues. Could not get a calendar sync with Outlook. Disabled the network time sync as recommended. Reinstalled the PalmOne software and it finally synced the calendar, only to duplicate about 1/3 of my many contacts; in some cases creating 3 indentical copies of the same contact. Accurate sync is mandatory for a serious PDA.

    2. Phone issues. Numerous dropped calls, and now the stored voicemail number has disappered.

    3. Poor battery life. I'm getting about an hour of talk time and 1 day of standby before I need to recharge.

    Are there simple fixes for these? I don't think a user paying $400+ should have to scour message boards trying to piece together a solution for problems that should have been solved before the produce was released.

    The 650 is great in conception, but poor in excecution. Someone at Palm needs a good whomp upside the head.

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    I found the Outlook syncing to be extremely reliable. I did, however, remove the Palm software from my old T3 and resintalled in a new folder (palmOne instead of Palm) to make sure no old stuff was carrying over. The network time sync seems to be a problem with CDMA phone (Sprint), not GSM phones (Cingular).

    As a suggestion for your sync problem, I would remove the palmOne software, rename the directory palmOne.old, and reinstall. I would also go into outlook and clean up any mess the previous sync created, and try having PC overwrite handheld for the first couple of times. I agree with you - if sync doesnt work, anything else is pointless.

    As for the phone issues, Cingular is having some serious issues with the Treo650. I think it has something to do with their new 64K "Smartchip" and the subsidy lock. In any event, the voicemail number disappearing is a known problem that palmOne is addressing. In the meantime, just move that button out of the way and create a new one it its place with the correct VM number. This is a workaround while they fix this problem.

    Dropped calls may also be a carrier issue, depending on your area. If you had Cingular before and had good coverage, then you may have a bad phone. In my area Sprint has really bad coverage, so I dropped calls all the time, which is why I switched to AT&T (now Cingular).

    The battery should definitely give you more than an hour of talk time. If it doesnt, then you most likely have a bad phone. I would suggest doing a hard reset, not syncing anything, and using your phone "naked" for a day or two. If you are still having dropped calls/poor battery life, I think a call to Cingular is in order. I bought a spare battery and found it gave me better service than the one that came with my phone, but I still go the whole day with Bluetooth, Chatteremail and talking, and am down to 40% by 8:00pm.

    Good luck!!!
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