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    I just received my t600 and so far I am very happy. I do have a couple of questions though. First, how do you stop that little led light from blinking all the time? It seems like that would be wasteful as far as the battery is concerned. Secondly, I was under the impression that using pocket tunes + treoguard that I would be able to do MP3 ring tones fr all my numbers, not just one. Iím more concerned about the blinking light though. Thanks for the info.
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    I might look into Treoguard or one of the mp3 ringtone programs this weekend. As far as the light goes, mine flashes green (Sprint) to signal it's on the network and orange to signal it is in wireless mode but looking for a network. If you turn it to Wireless Mode Off by holding the power button, the light will go out. Of course that defeats the purpose. There is a piece of software called Treo Allegro that changes some of the ligh features assaciated with various events. I have a link to it on my Treo 600 page. As far as turning it off entirely, I don't know a good easy way to do it. Hope this helps understand the light a little.

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    The LED really doesn't use much power, especially compared to the display or phone itself. That's why a lot of booklights and other devices now use LEDs.
    If you really need to turn it off I think there may be some apps to do it. search for LED in the various Palm libraries.
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    Try this. All it does is control the LED. I have used it for a year and it works fine.
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    Butler is the program to control your LED plus it offers other features.

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